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I’ve reached a new low in my experience as an assistant to my professor. 

One of the students used the word “bitch” in his response paper, as in “Run! What a dumb bitch!” (Mind you it wasn’t a horror movie. It was an example of Italian neorealism. Umberto D (to be exact). 

"I was really suprised they casted people no one heard of. Especially Carlos who did a good job for such a noob." Grammar (-1 point). Use of word "noob" (-1). No spell check (-1) That’s not the main character’s name (-1). 

"It went like this, this guy just tried to get hit by a train with his dog because he is a broke butt bumb that just got kicked out of his apartment because he couldn’t pay the rent. But then in the last second, the dog ran away for its life and the guy followed it like nothing happened."

Actually, the “broke butt bumb” was an old man in post-WWII Italy. He wasn’t being paid a pension because the country was totally ruined in the war. He also wasn’t being hired anywhere, because he was ‘too old”. He was too proud to beg on the streets, because he didn’t want to have to take charity from others. He decided to kill himself not just because he couldn’t pay the rent but because of the total destruction of the Italy he knew and loved: the lack of morality of the people around him. The total lack of love, respect and concern for the fellow man, that he witnessed in the people around him. He was especially hurt by the treatment of the “maid lady”, who was pregnant, yet unmarried. He loved her like his own daughter, actually. You totally missed the point of the entire film, dude. 

"Another thing that I thought was interesting was that the old man and the maid lady were close friends and whatever. They both knew each other’s problems, but they could not help each other because they are too busy in their own problems. So they were like so close, but at the same time so far away."

Amest I bovvered?

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