Talia's Tardis

I still feel bad every time I have to give a student a bad mark, but seriously, this student just admitted that he wasn’t paying attention while watching the film, and that he couldn’t remember anything about it except that it “starred the hot chick that was in another movie we watched”.

This guy who did insurance and stuff worked in a insurance firm and got assigned a job to update insurance on this other guy.” 

Did you watch the movie, or did an 8-year old explain the story to you after reading it on wikipedia?

I feel like a bad person. I feel bitchy. I feel judgmental, but I’m grading your work. I’m your professor’s assistant. It’s a film history class. You’ve got to do the readings, watch the films, and then analyze them based on the readings. 

All it takes a little effort. If English isn’t your first language, if you have a hard time understanding the readings or the films, and if you have a difficult time writing, I understand. It is a little irritating if you misspell things, because all it takes is rereading and/or running a spell check, but I could forgive it, as long as you are putting an effort into the writing.

If you clearly don’t care about the class, please don’t waste my time. Just don’t submit anything, or better yet, just write “FUCK YOU” in big letters, because that’s what your writing is saying to me anyway. 

  1. shinaka said: Wowwww, don’t feel bad about failing the kid at all - he deserves it.
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