Talia's Tardis


“Fire Rainbows” are neither fire, nor rainbows, but are so called because of their brilliant pastel colors and flame like appearance. Technically they are known as circumhorizontal arc - an ice halo formed by hexagonal, plate-shaped ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds. The halo is so large that the arc appears parallel to the horizon, hence the name.


when i went out to go see Maleficent, when i saw this fairy


I was like “Haha that looks like Umbridge”

and then she changed into a human 


And I was like “HOLY SHIT THAT IS UMBRIDGE!!111!”

and a couple rows behind me, I heard someone say “You must not tell lies” and I lost it



The mom voice she doesn’t use anymore because her son is dead

The mom voice Sam never heard because his mother is dead

the voice you’ll never use again because i’m going to kill you

Peter Capaldi was treated to a deafening reception in Mexico [x]

I just love television so much.


TFW + texts from last night